Turkey’s Turquoise Coast – Your Next Destination

Published on 08/02/2019

Miles of sunshine and a glittering blue seaboard, Turkey’s stunning “turquoise” coast is the perfect holiday destination. And there are a million reasons why, but let’s try to sum it as short and sweet as we can!

Turkeys Turquoise Coast

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Why Go To Turkey’s Turquoise Coast?

Apart from beautiful beaches, a gorgeous coast, delicious foods, there are a few more reasons we can think of. Along the stretch of the Turquoise Coast which runs south and west of the city of Antalya, you’ll find a most refreshingly undeveloped area in the Mediterranean. Now this might be due to the area’s mountainous nature, a few narrow plains, a group of fascinating bays, and also a load of beautiful coves, all of which plunge straight into that startlingly blue sea.

If you’re not interested in a resort stay while in Turkey, just opt for one of the smaller and less-developed hideaways that exist on this stunning, rocky coast. Now if you want a more family friend location, head to Çıralı – here you’ll find a long strip of beach-front restaurants, along its 2.17 miles (3.5 km) of beach front property. Çıralı is also within walking distance of the ancient ruins of Olympos, something the family would love to see we’re sure.

There a ton more locations you can head to, however depending on what kind of trip you want (family, romantic, adventurous, etc), be sure to do your research before you book your flight. There are tons of beaches to visit, activity holidays to book, and hotels to stay at.

Turkeys Turquoise Coast Book Now

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When to Head to the Turquoise Coast?

Hot summers. Mild winters. Gentle springs and autumns. I mean, take your pick! No matter when you go, you can travel on a traditional wooden yacht (a gulet), walk the Lycian way, kayak, scuba dive, para-glide, and mountain-bike, or visit one of their 14 golf courses.