7 Home Remedies For A Blocked Nose

Published on 07/31/2022

A runny nose is usually the first and annoying symptom of a cold – recurring attacks of sneezing are followed by a runny nose, which often turns into a stuffy nose and makes breathing difficult. Acute colds have a cleaning function: the nose tries to get rid of the virus by producing more mucus. These five home remedies help with acute colds, can alleviate the annoying cold symptoms and support a quick healing process.

Green Tea

Green Tea


One of the classic home remedies for a stuffy nose is inhaling hot steam, because this liquefies the secretion and moistens the nasal mucous membranes. Inhaling has another advantage: during use, the mucous membranes are cleaned and well supplied with blood, which means they offer less surface for pathogens to attack.

Drink Enough

Water, unsweetened tea or vegetable broth are ideal for colds and colds. When you have a cold, your body loses more fluids. However, this is particularly important in order to activate the mucous membranes, to liquefy the mucus and to be able to transport it away better. Ginger tea, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect, or elderberry tea are also suitable


Water, uRed light treatments can be performed with a special red light lamp. This is available in pharmacies, drugstores or online. The warm, soothing light can help alleviate symptoms and fight viruses and bacteria.

Onion On The Night Table

Who would have thought? Onions are a cheap and effective home remedy for relieving nasal congestion. All you have to do is cut an onion in half and put it on a plate by the bed. The essential oils that are released loosen the mucus in the stuffy nose. Don’t have onions in the house? The trick also works with crushed garlic.

Hot Soups And Tea

Not only is spooning up hot soup or sipping warm tea incredibly comforting when suffering from a stuffy nose, it also decongests the mucous membranes when inhaling the fumes. In addition, the body depends on the supply of fluids so that the mucus can be liquefied. Especially, homemade soups with lots of vegetables strengthen the immune system because of their vitamin and mineral content.


If your nose is blocked, it is helpful to improve the air quality in your own four walls. To do this, place a small bowl of water on your heater and place a damp cloth over it. The increased humidity is a proven remedy against dry mucous membranes and helps to breathe easier.

Nasal Douche For Colds And Blocked Noses

A nasal douche can help moisten the mucous membranes and fight the pathogens that cause a cold. Here’s how it works: Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in half a liter of lukewarm water – draw the solution up with your nose and cup your hands. Tip: In drugstores and pharmacies there are also special sets that contain an extra jug for a simple nasal rinse. To protect the body from additional pathogens, distilled water, filtered water or boiled tap water should be used.