Enjoy These Delicious Ice-Cream Flavors During National Ice-Cream Month

Published on 06/21/2020

Everyone loves ice cream, right? It’s one of the most popular desserts throughout the world and with so many flavors to choose from, there’s definitely something for everyone. Did you know that the entire month of July is National Ice-Cream Month? As it’s during the peak of summer, what a perfect time to cool off an enjoy with your favorite scoop of ice-cream. Or even better try some of the more weird and wonderful, out of this world flavors. So take a look at some of the most delicious ice-cream flavors you can enjoy during National Ice-Cream Month.

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Enjoy These Delicious Ice-Cream Flavors During National Ice-Cream Month


Believe it or not, but Vanilla is actually one of the most popular flavors in the world! It’s simple and goes with any other ice-cream flavor.  Vanilla has long been the best-selling ice cream flavor not only because it is creamy and delicious, but also because of its ability to boost so many other desserts and treats.


Looking for a burst of candy flavors in your mouth? Then you need to test this one out. Although it may not interest everyone, bubblegum is quite rich in flavor and particularly more popular with the younger generations. Usually, blue in color and tastes very similar to bubblegum…of course!


Chocolate is no doubt a huge crowd favorite because much like vanilla is so versatile and can be very much enjoyed with so many other flavors. And what’s even better is that chocolate-flavored ice cream has tons of variations.

Mint Chocolate Chip

This may not be everyone’s first pick, only because it’s quite different. But we highly recommend that you at least give it a try during the month of National Ice Cream Month. This minty ice cream is unlike any other flavor. It’s refreshing and light with sweet chocolate chunks. The flavors balance each other out so it’s not too rich or too minty.

Lemon Sorbet

If you’re looking for something more light and refreshing, you should definitely try a sorbet option. Possibly the best sorbet choice to opt for is lemon sorbet, another flavor that you can add mix with a few others. Also a slighter healthier option!