The Best Places To Eat In Tel Aviv

Published on 06/09/2020

With its clash of cultures, bursts of flavor and international inspiration Tel Aviv is a world of culinary experiences. The city boasts Mediterranean influences with fresh and flavorful produce, fresh fish, maze, tapas and is known for its fruit. Whether it be for an American burger, Japanese sushi or a typical middle eastern crispy falafel they have it and they are doing it well! We have the best restaurants you just have to try if you are ever in town.

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The Best Places To Eat In Tel Aviv

Double Standard

Tel Aviv in all the hustle and seaside bustle is the perfect place to grab a few cocktails and some easy-going food before a night out. Double Standard is located on the infamous Dizengodd street, although on the calmer side. The bar creates never before seen or stated combinations that are served in creative and fun ways. We are talking about bloody mary’s served in IV bags, cocktails served in giant eggshells, and more.


This chef restaurant has been a kosher success. Nir Zook is the mastermind behind Mapu which is located in a magnificent boutique hotel. Zook cooks and bakes everything inhouse with the freshest locally sourced produce. Whether it be for lunch or dinner this is a fantastic choice, the food options include tender sirloin or fresh fish which will have you craving more.


Mashya is known for their incredible weekend brunch, not only is it a fair price but the options are unlimited. You have access to the buffet as well as receive a dish of your choice. Be sure to book at least a week in advance. Mashya has a crisp and contemporary design and uses Moroccan influence combined with innovative techniques to create a wonderful experience for dinner.


Falafel can be found on every street corner but these guys are in their very own league. Whether it be the falafel, schawarma, sabich or the sides they are an unbelievable place that truly encapsulates Israeli style cooking and food.