Make Sure Your Destination Race Is A Success

Published on 08/02/2019

If you love running then chances are you’ve probably traveled a ton to participate in destination races. However it can be a totally daunting task, planning a trip to a new city or country can be an overwhelming experience. You’re already stressed enough, so it’s important to keep your body and mind stress free. Therefore you have to ensure everything is already in order before you jet off. To help us deliver the best tips, we read Robin Arzon’s book, SHUT UP AND RUN, and we were not disappointed. Arzon is an mega-marathoner and certified running coach who has experienced all the ups and downs of race planning. These are her top tips to make your next destination race as stress free as possible.

Destination Running

Destination Running

Tips when traveling to races:

1. New time zone? Try to arrive at your destination a week before or two days before the start of the race. It’s important to adjust to the time change before you start running.

2. Sight-see after. Think about it, yes you’re sore after a race but allow your body to heal by walking and stretching out those sore muscles. Do you really want to show up on race day drained because you’ve been gallivanting around the city?

3. Have fun! Try to remember that not all races are meant for you to set a record or win medals. Some races you can stroll on through – take photos, give high-fives, and take in the view. Sometimes it’s not all about winning.

4. Your carry-on is your best friend. Everything that you need for the race should be in your carry-on! Just in case your checked luggage gets lost, the last thing you want to lose, are your running shoes.

Just Keep Running

Just Keep Running!

5. Make plans ahead of time. If you, your friends, and your family want to do something together, then make sure to create the plan ahead of time. It’s better to have a plan in place because you may not have a phone available to coordinate.

6. Get health insurance. Double check if your health insurance covers you while you’re away, especially if you’re going abroad. If it doesn’t then you should really purchase international travel insurance. Better to be safe than sorry!